Vision Benefits

MMIA Employee Benefits allows member cities and towns the option of offering vision coverage to participants.

  • VSP - Vision Services Provider logo

    1-800-877-7195 |

    VSP processes your vision claims. Please contact them if you have questions about your vision coverage. Their website is also full of great information and product discounts for things like vision hardware and even laser eye surgery.

VSP Resources

  • Glasses and Sunglasses

    VSP offers special discounts on featured frame brands for glasses and sunglasses.

  • Lasik Discounts

    Laser vision surgery is not a covered benefit on our plan. However, VSP offers discounts on the procedure.

  • Hearing Aid Discounts

    Hearing aids are not covered on our plan. However, VSP offers discounts on specific brands.

  • Other Discounts

    VSP offers discounts and programs for diabetic care, financing, and more.

Vision Plan Summary

Benefits Every 12 Months

In Network

Out of Network

Well Vision Exam

  • $20 Copay (no more than $39 copay for retinal screenings as an enhancement to an exam)
Up to $50


  • $165 allowance at retail
  •  $90 allowance at Costco and Wal-Mart
  • 20% saving after allowance
Up to $70

Lenses (included with exam copay)

  • Single vision, lined bifocal and trifocal lenses
  • Polycarbonate for children

Single vision – Up to $50

Lined bifocal – Up to $75

Lined trifocal – Up to $100

Lens Enhancements

  • Standard progressive: $0 copay
  • Premium progressive: $80-$90 copay
  • Custom progressive: $120-$160 copay

Contacts (instead of glasses)

  • $140 allowance for contact lenses
  • Up to $60 for contacts lens exam (fitting and evaluation)
Up to $105

Laser Vision Correction Discount

Average 15% off regular price or 5% off promotional price; discounts only available from contracted facilities.