MMIA Employee Benefits offers member cities and towns the option to offer dental with or without orthodontia to participants.

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Dental Plan Summary

This is a summary of coverage only. The MMIA Employee Benefits Program Plan Documents must be referenced for details of all coverages.

Dental Plans

Basic Dental Plan

Orthodontic Enhancement*

Deductible (Individual/Family) $25/$50





$2,000 Lifetime
Plan pays 50% after Deductible

Calendar Year Maximum Benefit (the most the Plan will pay for covered services in a plan year) $2,000/Individual

Dental Services

Diagnostic & Preventive (cleanings and screenings)
  • Plan pays 100%
  • Deductible waived
  • Does not apply to Calendar Year Maximum Benefit
Basic Restorations Plan pays 80% after Deductible
Major Restorations and Implants Plan pays 50% after Deductible
*Cities/towns each decide which benefits to offer. If a city/town offers the Orthodontic Enhancement, everyone who has dental will also have ortho. To see which coverage you have available, please view the plan index file titled, “Does my city/town offer dental?”