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MMIA provides prescription coverage so participants get the right medications at the best prices. MMIA contracts with ProAct to be our Pharmacy Benefit Manager for pharmacy claims, billing, mail order, and more. Our participants have options to save money by getting their prescriptions in the mail domestically and for no copay through our international mail order program.

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ProAct Pharmacy – ProAct is our pharmacy benefit manager. Their job is to get you the medication you need at the best price. Contact ProAct for questions about prescription drug coverage, claims, and more. They have customer service and clinical staff there to help you anytime.

Save money with mail order!

MMIA participants have two choices for mail order prescriptions. Both offer the same fair pricing and are a great way to save yourself and our self-funded pool money.

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ProAct Pharmacy Services Mail Order Pharmacy
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Ridgeway Mail Order Pharmacy
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    Formerly MMIAScripts

Get certain brand-named medications for a $0 copay!

CRX, formerly known as MMIAScripts, is an international mail-order prescription program made available through your MMIA Employee Benefits medical coverage. Same program, new name and online enrollment process. The drugs come from tier-one countries with the same or stricter regulations as the US. Only brand-name drugs are available because they are all manufactured at the same facilities worldwide. Not all drugs are available. Temperature-sensitive drugs, lifestyle drugs, generics, and certain controlled substances are not available.

Use WebID: MMIA and visit for online enrollment or call 1-866-488-7874 for a list of qualifying medications and information on how to enroll and take advantage of the cost savings today!

Specialty Medication Pharmacy

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Certain medications are classified as specialty and are required to go through Noble Health Services specialty pharmacy. Specialty medications, including temperature-sensitive drugs, infusions, etc., are one of the fastest growing costs to our plan.

In order to get the best price on specialty medications, please contact Noble Health Services Specialty Pharmacy.
1-888-843-2040 |

Free Diabetic Testing Supplies

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As of January 1, 2021, Proact has changed diabetes testing supplies from the OneTouch line to the Contour line. The Contour meter and supplies are available at no-cost when you enroll through ProAct Pharmacy Services. Please take a look at the Contour meter flyer below for more information at instructions on how to get your new meter and supplies.

Contour Meter Free Diabetic Testing Supplies Flyer

ProAct Pharmacy Services Diabetic Testing Supplies